AI & IoT-powered Thermal Screening Solution

AI-powered, contactless body temperature monitoring
Automatic, contatcless, acurate, super fast body temperature measurement 60 persons per minute
Real-time alert on abnormal temperature
On-device light and voice alarm
Send push notificatio to mobile app
Face-mask Detection & Face Recognition
Detects face-mask wearing and recognises(virtually) unlimited faces, while measuring body temperature
Rich dashboard Flexible deployment & integration
Supports offline, or online mode - integrated with Cloud Dashborad
Provides API and integration option with 3rd party or existing systems
Track & trace
Turnstile, access door control
Face-base attendance
Visitor counting
Hand-washing experience

Sterilisasi Ultra Violet C

Tidak meninggalkan bekas
Pengoperasian lebih mudah
Waktu sterilisasi lebih cepat
Telah digunakan di berbagai negara maju
Direkomendasikan beberapa tenaga medis dan ilmuan

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